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Luca Fury, owner of Fury's Fight Picks, the leader in MMA betting advice.

Luca Fury's Bio:

Luca Fury owns and operates Fury's Fight Picks, the leading MMA betting service in the industry. After years of working as a professional bettor, Fury started the online service so that he could share his helpful advice with users all over the globe. Over the years Fury’s industrious work ethic and focus have helped Fury's Fight Picks stand out in the sports betting industry.   One reason why Fury's Fight Picks has been so successful is that Fury runs the service full-time. Since Fury devotes the majority of his time to producing winning betting tips for his audience, he is an experienced expert with a deep knowledge base that he can draw from when providing betting advice. The premium service of Fury's Fight Picks gives users access to all of Luca’s advice and proven long term winning MMA betting selections. Luca also endeavors to provide premium members with excellent customer service so that their experience using the service is always positive.   Many fans of the UFC want to bet on the fights, but they don’t have the time to do all of the necessary research that goes into becoming a successful gambler. If you are going to put your money on the line, it makes sense to use a service that will give you the best chance of seeing a profit. Fury’s Fight Picks makes it easy for anyone to tail winning UFC bets without doing any work. Plus, Luca Fury is the only MMA handicapper with 5 or more years of documented betting results. Using Fury’s service is a no-brainer for people who want access to the proven best MMA betting source that’s out there.   Helping others achieve success through Fury's Fight Picks has been one of the most satisfying aspects of operating the service. Luca Fury often receives messages of gratitude from people who have used the service to make a significant purchase or contribute money to paying off student loans. Looking ahead, Fury intends to continue to work hard to make sure Fury's Fight Picks remains the best MMA betting service out there. The sport of MMA continues to gain fans, and an increasing number of people want to bet on it. Fury hopes that his service continues to be the most popular MMA betting website for new fans looking to get in on the action.   Luca Fury is passionate about his business which is one reason why he has experienced success over the years. Without passion, it’s difficult to find success with a business venture. It’s important that aspiring business owners recognize that success doesn’t come quickly or easily. It requires dedication and extremely hard work -- two things that are difficult to come by if you aren’t passionate about what you do.   When he is not working on Fury's Fight Picks, Luca Fury enjoys watching sports and researching potential investments. Luca is fortunate in that he enjoys his work so much that it never actually feels like work. Luca is the definition of a workaholic, and this fact contributes to his success.      

Luca Fury's Experience:

  • Writer, Producer, Radio Host at Sherdog

  • Owner at Fury's Fight Picks

  • Professional at Full Time Pro Sports Betting

Luca Fury's Interests & Activities:

Fury's Fight Picks, MMA, UFC, NFL, sports betting, online gambling.

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